How to read 52 books in 52 weeks

Nicole Zhu / @nicolelzhu

Why do this at all?

  • brain exercise
  • see something through-ness
  • make myself a more interesting person
When Life Hits You In The Face

Finding a routine and making it stick

carry a book around with you all the time

(or not)

don't finish books you don't like

(or stick with them)

read multiple books at once

(or one at a time)

keep it private

(or public)

read whatever interests you

(or set yourself some guidelines)

Do whatever works for YOU.



I wish I had more time to ___________

🔑 set quantifiable goals

🔑 make time for it

🔑 find some form of accountability

🔑 take it one day at a time

🔑 realize there is no good time to start

🔑 be kind to yourself

Go tackle something crazy

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