nicole zhu

I'm a writer and developer based in New York. I'm an engineer at Vox Media where I work on the publishing platform Chorus. I co-host Sweet and Sour, a podcast about the intersections of Asian American identity with culture, work, and lifestyle. I read 52 books every year.

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Lean in or lie down? Balancing jobs, side projects, and hobbies

April 2019, Flawless Hacks

I gave the keynote at Flawless Hacks about the differences between careers, side projects, and hobbies, why it's increasingly difficult to make these distinctions, and ways to strike a balance in each of these areas and detect burnout when it's avoidable.

The changing magic of media mentorship

December 2017, SRCCON:WORK

David Yee (my then-manager, now mentor) and I gave a talk at SRCCON:WORK about what effective mentorship looks like in an industry whose shape is rapidly and anxiously shifting.

Toward better metaphors: Accessible and inclusive ways to explain technical work

August 2017, SRCCON

I facilitated a session at SRCCON where we brainstormed common topics, concepts, and processes that we thought would benefit from explanation on interdisciplinary teams, then came up with a list of accessible and inclusive metaphors to describe them.

Get yourself a #squad

November 2016, Ela Conf

At the second annual Ela Conf, I talked about the importance of peer mentorship in tech and the positive impact of support and solidarity from those people closest to you.

How to read 52 books in 52 weeks

March 2016, NICAR

One of ten lightning talk proposals accepted and given at the IRE/NICAR Computer-Assisted Reporting Conference, this talk was about my project of reading 52 books in 52 weeks, what I learned, and tips for tackling your own side projects.

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